Frequently Asked Questions
If you wish to contact the band, PLEASE read through the following list of frequently-asked questions we receive and the answers to these questions BEFORE you send an inquiry.

Q: Who do I contact to book Cave In?
A: See the contact page for details on Cave In booking.

Q: How can I order Cave In stuff on-line?
A: Visit or to order Cave In stuff on-line.

Q: How can I hear Cave In's music over the Internet?
A: Look around our Media page for MP3 clips of certain song selections.

Q: I want to interview Cave In for my magazine / fanzine. How do I do it?
A: For smaller publications, you can send interviews directly to the band at your convenience. We'll return answers as soon as possible. For larger publications/radio stations/etc., contact our publicity person: Steve Martin for Nasty Little Man ( ) in North America and Anton Brooks for Bad Moon ( ) in Europe / UK.

Q: Where can I find guitar tabulature to Cave In songs?
A: Those are band trade secrets! Seriously, transcribing our music in tabulature would be a grueling task that none of us have time for.

Q: Is Kid Kilowatt still a band?
A: Kid Kilowatt is defunct. So long. See-ya-later. There will be an album titled "Guitar Method" to be split released between Hydra Head and Second Nature Recordings, but there is no plans to reform the band whatsoever.

Q: I have photos / videos / demos / boxes of poo that I'd like to send to the band. How do I do it?
A: You can send items to Cave In at our street address: Cave In PO Box 15609 || Boston, MA 02215 || USA

Q: Who does Cave In's graphic design work?
A: Jake Bannon, Aaron Turner, Jason Hellmann and Brent Eyestone have all contributed to some Cave In graphic design work.

Q: Does Cave In have a mailing list?
A: Yes we do. Go here to join.
- IMPORTANT: DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT attempt to contact the band without first reading these fequently asked qusetions. They are here for a reason. We're able to notice who reads them and who doesn't, so don't try and pull a fast one on us.

Inquiries to Cave In that can be answered through these FAQs WILL NOT be answered by the band! Due to the atrocious amount of junk mail we receive, please include the words CAVE IN in big, attention-getting capital letters somewhere in the subject of your emails to the band so that we don't accidentally delete them. Thank you!