Cave In / Early Grace split 7"
1. Stoic
2. Mitigate

RECORDED: April 1996 @ Salad Days in Brighton, MA with Brian McTernan
LABEL: Independence Day Records
RELEASED: early autumn 1996

First press 7"
  • 1,000 black

  • The front cover is a photograph of Justin Matthes (the 1st bassist for Cave In) after a local show we played in the winter of 1995. Apparently, someone collided with Justin towards the end of our set, sending his bass crashing into his forehead. We rushed him to the hospital and he received something like 30 or 40 stitches for the wound. Ouch.

    He even recorded for these songs with a fresh cast on his right hand after a mishap at a nearby playground during the day of this session. He was one tough son of a bitch, that Justin boy.

    To our knowledge, there exists only one press of 1,000 of these records. However, we see them floating around in the kids' distros once every blue moon.

    Again, this record boasts the untouched original versions of these songs with more of Jay Frechette's voice and the original guitar tracks.