Cave In / Gambit split 7"
1. Flypaper

RECORDED: December 1995 @ Salad Days in Brighton, MA with Brian McTernan
LABEL: Son of Sam Records
RELEASED: early spring 1996

First press 7"
  • 500 w/ yellow Xerox-copied covers
  • Second press 7"
  • 300 w/ b&w Xerox-copied covers of an alternate design

  • It's really a kick to hear your music pressed onto vinyl for the first time . . . especially when it's accidentally pressed in mono instead of stereo, which happens to be the case on the Cave In side of this record. The original untouched studio version of "Flypaper" appears with Jay Frechette's kick-ass vocals and different guitar tracks.

    The first press of 500 had yellow Xerox-copied covers, the second press of 300 had black and white Xerox-copied covers of an alternate design similar to the cover of the Cave In/Piebald split 7". The guys in Gambit came up with the money to release this record by selling fake drugs at a Phish concert.