"Until Your Heart Stops" 2XLP/CD
Track Listing CD:
1. Moral Eclipse
2. Terminal Deity
3. Juggernaut - [ MP3 ]
4. The End of Our Rope Is A Noose - [ MP3 ]
5. Segue 1
6. Until Your Heart Stops
7. Segue 2
8. Halo of Flies - [ MP3 ]
9. Bottom Feeder - [ MP3 ]
10. Segue 3
11. Ebola
12. Controlled Mayhem Then Erupts

Track Listing 2XLP:
1. Moral Eclipse
2. Terminal Deity
3. Juggernaut - [ MP3 ]
1. Until Your Heart Stops
2. Segue 1
3. The End of Our Rope Is A Noose - [ MP3 ]
1. Informing the Octopus
2. Bottom Feeder - [ MP3 ]
3. Halo of Flies - [ MP3 ]
1. Ebola
2. Controlled Mayhem Then Erupts
3. Segue 3
4. Casio Killtoy

RECORDED: April & May 1998 @ God City Studio in Allston, MA with Kurt Ballou
LABEL: Hydra Head Records
RELEASED: summer 1998

Advance Casettes
  • 100 cassettes
  • Casettes have hand numbered "Krazy Fest" covers for 1998's Krazy Fest in Louisville, KY.

    First press 2XLP
  • 103 sets - both clear vinyl
  • 304 sets - A/B record clear orange & the C/D record clear blue.
  • On ALL first pressings, the A/B has blue and white labels and the C/D has orange and black labels.

    "Until . . ." is the first 'real' Cave In full-length record. For you recording nerds out there, it happens to be Cave In's first studio recording on good ol' analog tape. This album was certainly was no walk in the park to finish writing, either. From start to finish of "Until . . ." Cave In had shrunk down to a 4-piece, going through 2 lead singers and one bass player. We were a confused bunch of idiots to begin with, so none of this really helped make anything easier at the time. We began 4-track demos for the album in mid-summer of 1997, and did demos for a couple songs during the "Beyond . . ." sessions at Bernard.

    We did more demos at God City in February 1998, which was around the same time Dave Scrod and Cave In decided to part ways with one another for the better. That left merely weeks for us to become accustomed to a 4-piece band, but we sucked in our gut and recorded "Until . . ." over the course of about 2 weeks.

    Jay Randall came back into our picture to contribute "Electropede" and "Informing the Octopus" (we asked him to cite the movie "Critters" for musical inspiration), and even screamed on one song. Other guest musicians on this record include Travis Shettel from Piebald and both Kurt Ballou & Jake Bannon from Converge.