"Creative Eclipses" 7"Ep/CDEp
Track Listing CDEp:
1. Luminance - [ MP3 ]
2. Sonata McGrath
3. Magnified
4. Burning Down the Billboards - [ MP3 ]
5. Sonata Brodsky

Track Listing 7":
1. Luminance - [ MP3 ]
1. Magnified
2. Burning Down the Billboards - [ MP3 ]

RECORDED: November 1998 @ Salad Days in Gloucester, MA with Brian McTernan
LABEL: Hydra Head Records
RELEASED: early spring 1999

First and ONLY press 7"
  • 118 clear
  • 335 clear pink
  • 1,600 black
  • All with black labels & silver type.

    This EP was a bit of an accident. After touring on "Until . . ." Brian invited us to record free of charge for a compilation he had planned to assemble. We recorded 3 songs with him, only to find out shortly afterward that the compilation plans fell through. So we consider releasing these songs on a tour-only EP after Brian gives us the 'OK' to do so. Instead, Aaron offers to us a Hydra Head release for the material, which we gladly accept and go on to home-record a few other pieces ("Sonata McGrath", "Sonata Brodsky", and "Burning Down the Billboards") that would round it out. "Magnified" is a cover song to move us a bit closer to all the Failure fans of the world. And contrary to what anyone might say, there is not one trace of keyboards, synthesizers or anything like that on this EP. We jokingly retitled the first CD press of this EP to "Defective Eclipses" because the wrong CD master was sent to the manufacturer, accidentally placing unwanted spaces between each track. The 7" was a limited press of 2,000.