"Jupiter" LP/CD
1. Jupiter - [ MP3 ]
2. In the Stream of Commerce - [ MP3 ]
3. Big Riff - [ MP3 ]
4. Innuendo and Out the Other
5. Brain Candle - [ MP3 ]
6. Requiem
7. Decay of the Delay
8. New Moon - [ MP3 ]

RECORDED: February & March 2000 @ the Outpost in Stoughton, MA & Salad Days in Washington, DC with Brian McTernan
LABEL: Hydra Head Records
RELEASED: June 2000 [ US ]

First press LP
  • 100 green/white marble
  • 400 on 180g black
  • The rest on black

  •   CD
    First Press:
    Green digipack with insert
    Second Press:
    Magenta print in jewel case
    Third Press:
    Blue digipack without insert
    Fourth Press:
    Yellow jewel case with yellow print
    First Press:
    Purple with printed LP sleeve

    "Jupiter" is Cave In's second 'real' full-length record, and seemingly the toughest for us to write. We started writing these songs sometime in the spring of 1999 after our Dillinger Escape Plan / Converge winter tour. We recorded random demos of a few songs during a couple of in-between recording sessions. We began our trusty 4-track demo process soon after regaining some new equipment from a destructive van fire we had on our summer 1999 tour with Isis. These 4-track demos also produced what later would become material for the Sacrifice Poles CD. The actual recording process went fairly quick and somewhat trouble-free despite the rough roads leading to this point. All the basic tracks were recorded live, which we surprisingly hadn't done for an album until "Jupiter". We wanted this to sound sort of like a "live" Cave In record with some polish on the final product, and we believe for the most part that we did it. And damn, we barely survived off Morning Star Hot Pockets and terrible Stoughton Chinese food during tracking & mixing. Thankfully, Mr. Shoeshine oversaw the entire recording ordeal and made sure we retained our sanity as much as we could.