"Tides of Tomorrow" LP
1. Come Into Your Own - [ MP3 ]
2. Dark Driving - [ MP3 ]
3. The Calypso
4. Tides Of Tomorrow
5. The Callus
6. Everest

RECORDED: by Andrew Schneider at the Outpost, Q Division, and New Alliance in April 2002
LABEL: Hydra Head Records
RELEASED: October 15th, 2002

First press LP [ US ]
  • 102 white
  • 205 lime green
  • 308 various colors
  • 2400 black
  • 1500 Picture Discs

  • First press CDEp [ US ]
  • 15,000 CDEp's with matte green stamp (these are defects)
  • 5,000 with metallic green foil stamp (these are correct)
  • 5,000 promotional copies w/ cardboard slipcase

  • We hoped for the next official album of new material after "Jupiter" would be released sometime in the fall of 2002. But because of scheduling conflicts with our producer and our own touring commitments, this would turn out to be impossible. To make up for the extended gap of time until the release of another proper album, we decided to do an EP of songs in our time off from touring. "Come Into Your Own" and "Dark Driving" had been songs we toyed with at practice and made various demos of, but we didn't really picture either as being potential material for our next album. "The Callus" is a song we had been playing live fairly often, especially on the Plea For Peace tour we did in the summer of 2001. It's originally written by the now-defunct mid-western greats Giants Chair, released as a B-side on the rare "Purity And Control" single issued on a 7" by Caulfield Records sometime in 1996. It happens to be one of Scott Hobart's (of Giants Chair) favorite songs by the band. We had also made a couple demos of it and decided that it would fit in well on this EP. Miraculously, it seems that Cave In will be the first band to officially release a Giants Chair cover song. There is a first for eveything. The remaining 3 songs "The Calypso", "Tides Of Tomorrow", and "Everest" were all conceived during our post-European 2001 winter tour rehearsals. "The Calypso" is for the most part, musically and lyrically, Caleb's creation. "Tides Of Tomorrow" was conceived, musically and partially lyrically, by Adam after our soundman Matt Sutton had taught him a few jazzy guitar chords. The working title for "Everest" had been "The Battle Of Cavermore" before Stephen wrote proper lyrics for the song, because it's possibly a very good attempt at ripping off the Led Zeppelin song "Battle of Evermore" with a slightly more modern approach. Everest, Evermore... whatever. But you probably will think the same thing, anyway. Much of the artwork was taken from an old hard-cover book filled with paintings and photographs of war ships at sea in various settings. The imagery seemed to somewhat parallel some of the lyrical themes primarily found in the songs "The Calypso" and "Tides Of Tomorrow".