Cave In / Piebald split 7"
1. Programmed Behind

RECORDED: April 1996 @ Salad Days in Brighton, MA with Brian McTernan
LABEL: Moo Cow Records
RELEASED: early autumn 1996

First press 7"
  • 200 white
  • 1,800 black
  • Second press 7"
  • Fewer than 300 w/ some on pink vinyl

  • Of all the bands this record had originally planned to feature, it ended up boasting two bands merely towns apart from each other. We were more than excited for this record because it truly felt like Cave In's first "big" release, and rightly so. It helped us become more noticed to some bigger labels (including Hydra Head).

    The energy of "Programmed Behind" here with Jay Frechette's vocals was somewhat lost in its transition onto "Beyond Hypothermia", and to this day we favor the version that appears on this 7". The original press of 2,000 had 200 copies on white vinyl, and later presses of fewer than 300 were made with some copies on pink vinyl.