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To begin, myself (Steve) and J.R. both attended Lollapalooza in 1995 to watch Sonic Youth headline a killer show with the likes of Pavement, Hole, the Jesus Lizard, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, among a slew of other bands and artists. Never did the two of us even imagine that someday we'd both be in a band together that played on a Lollapalooza tour. I don't usually like to speak for anyone else in the band, but in this case I'm sure I can say the same for Caleb and Adam. I remember being turned on by Lollapalooza's culturally ecstatic atmosphere, and the fact that it wasn't afraid to be more than merely just a traveling festival based solely on music. And it seems that this year is no different. You've got beautiful swinging belly dancers, you've got animal rights tents, environmental awareness booths, body painting, rock music, punk rock music, hip-hop music, costumes, nudity, people of all kinds... it really is a pleasant sensory overload. We rolled in right at Independence Day weekend, which involved us visiting a house party in some suburban neighborhood and trying unsuccessfully to explode a giant watermelon by stuffing it with firecrackers. The same weekend also brought a really bizarre and surprisingly high-profile movie nerd convention at the hotel we were shacked up in. I made friends with a guy dressed up as Jason Voorhees who brought me into a movie props room that included, of all things, Chester Copperpot's skeleton key from the movie The Goonies. The day of the show itself was extremely vicious with heat, coupled by serious storm warnings. You know, out in those flatland areas, twisters and other intense natural disasters are the real deal. So almost immediately after our set, a massive thunderstorm rips in and the remaining acts on the second stage must be cancelled. So by default, we headlined the second stage at Lollapalooza to the dismay of many Steve-O and Distillers fans.

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