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The big excitement about today was finding out that Kool Keith is on the tour. He's playing with a new band called the Undertakers - their theme is based on space travelers who find and bury all the dead astronauts floating around in space. Cave In and Kool Keith once played a show together, back a few years ago. It was at a giant Halloween party in some huge loft located in Roxbury, a part of Boston. Keith played for about 15 minutes or so before the police shut down the show because of the city's curfew law. A bunch of S&M assholes took too much time putting on some weak show, thus cutting into Kool Keith's set time. We were given an Undertakers CD and a bunch of extra large sized T-shirts to wear. The highlight of the day, and almost everyday so far, has been watching MC Supernatural perform. This guy is the real deal - he can freestyle like nobody's business. One of his trademarks is to get up really close to the audience and ask them to hold up any object they can find. MC Supernatural then proceeds to create an entirely freestyled rhyme based on all these objects - and it changes every day. He's a hip-hop genius, for sure. If he and Kool Keith ever happen to get together and share the stage on this tour, it could produce some sort of nuclear explosion caused solely on their combined talents alone. A shout-out to the Cave In fan with the cool satellite tattoo on his upper-left arm.

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