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If there's one thing you can hope for during any outdoor event, it's got to be the absence of rain. And that was today's big threat - it seemed as though the Boston weather had finally caught up with us, willing to make itself an unwelcome presence. However, the rain managed to fully die down before we took the stage. Today's show produced the largest audience that we played in front of so far, and it felt rewarding. Let's see, Audioslave has been covering the White Stripes' big hit song in their set. No, I'm not kidding. We met some crazed fans from the Madison area, some kids we met from the last time we rolled through with Piebald and the Damn Personals. And the big plot is to try and get both Troy and Kellii to come up onstage to play our version of Failure's "Magnified" with us. How crazy would that be?! Two members of Failure, momentarily joining in with a Failure knock-off band to play an actual Failure song... but because Queens Of The Stone Age begin their set on the Main Stage very close to when our set is about to end, this could prove to be difficult. Kellii wants us to learn "Moth" so that he can instead sing - and you know, they do have these jam rooms that are available to traveling concert folks like ourselves to mess around in. This is a good opportunity to give some credit to our friend Jay Bennett - Jay has been supplying us with these photos and he also helps us to maintain our sanity by just being on this tour. He's tall and skinny like a string bean, but bearded and long-haired like a Viking warrior. Beware.

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