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Today's set was plagued with equipment failures and such. We're not big pro's here - road warriors, yes; veterans, maybe, but pro's... well, let's just say it's the four of us in the band plus two who do ALL the work. No tech's, no stage hands, none of that... and in the outdoor setting, before the sun has set, whatever gear we have placed on the stage floor itself basically cooks in the heat. Wires get singed, coils come undone; all this happens slowly but surely and the results can rear their ugly heads at the most random moments. But whatever - that's basically the attitude one succumbs to after what seems like a million shows already played with a million more to go. Let's talk about catering - sometimes the best part of the show! We've had some Mexican, some Italian... well, some of everything so far. And the desserts, the desserts, the pastries, the cookies, the brownies, the cakes... I'm getting fat just thinking about it. The vegans aren't left out either - they get their soy meatballs, their dairy-free junk foods, and plenty of Rice Dream is stocked in the fridges almost daily. The catering area is also a great place to get out of a constant beating from the sun, and a congregating area for all the band members. Can you believe that the production also brings its own treadmills and exercise bikes to each show? You just eat a shitload of food and then run it off, and repeat the cycle over and over again. This could easily allow you to virtually eat all day long without seeing a single band's performance. But today that didn't happen - I watched some of the Donna's and they ripped.

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