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.July.16.2003 //
During our days off, we made our way over to Shake It! which is a really cool record shop in Cincinnati to play for the customers. After picking out CD's by everyone from Kraftwerk to rare Joe Meek to Orthrelm (by the way, Mick Barr is the world's undiscovered guitar genius - get this album or anything by Crom-Tech), we killed time hanging out with a dead cat behind the store before our performance. The beginning of our little show was glitched by some technical difficulties, but once people figured out how to get around this electrical power puzzle, we took some requests and got on with it. Everyone who came got one of those free CD's we've been giving away - you know, our way of saying thanks for showing up. We spent the time after the second stage had closed in the parking lot, becoming loud and antsy for something exciting to take place while interrogating innocent concert-goers with our video camera.

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