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.July.19.2003 //
Today our friend Courtney from the Truth campaign truck decorated my eyes with some pretty orange fake eyelashes. The Truth truck is basically one big dance party that lasts all day until the second stage gets shut down. Today was very exciting - we had both Troy Van Leeuwen AND Kellii Scott from Failure join us on-stage to play our version of Failure's "Magnified". Can you even imagine - for one brief moment, one entire half of Failure was on-stage with Cave In?! The show was great, but sad because we had to bid farewell to our friends in the Campfire Girls. Now, with them gone, what other mutants on this tour were we to torture? The band Fingertight also left the tour - we didn't spend too much time with those guys, but they were always friendly. You know, the four of us are really dying to begin writing some new songs. There's some demos, some ideas, some riffs... things and things but no complete pieces as of yet - with the exception of a heavier-sounding song ala "Stained Silver" with a swing feel tentatively titled "Stay Awake".

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