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.July.21.2003 //
Swapping some new friends for old ones. We welcomed Boy Sets Fire and the Burning Brides to the tour. We've played shows with Boy Sets Fire ever since we were first getting recognized, say, around when "Until Your Heart Stops" was released. They really get a crowd riled up and excited no matter where they are, it seems. We first played with the Burning Brides back on a U.S. tour we did in the autumn/winter of 2001. Their new drummer also plays in the Hot Snakes, another band we like to drool over occasionally. They are like all the best moments on Nirvana's "Bleach" - and there also happens to be a LOT of moments like that. The dilimma has become this: Who do I watch, Queens Of The Stone Age or the Burning Brides? They both play their respective stages at the same time. Well, the Queens have been improvising on some of their songs in an almost Allmann Brothers-type fashion, but I doubt that Josh will rock the shirtless look like Dimitri does. Maybe if you stand halfway in between the main stage and the second stage, one ear can be listening to one band and your other ear can be listening to another band. It's worth a try, I think. Oh, and Steve-O is probably getting kicked off the tour for both pissing on a fan's dinner and penetrating another fan's asshole with a Sharpie marker pen after first signing his bare ass.

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