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.July.23.2003 //
We rented a rehearsal space for the day to continue shaking the rust off some of those old heavy metal songs. It has been refreshing to revisit some of this stuff - it makes us all feel giddy and teenage again. Except for J.R. - the technical busy drumming makes him feel like an old man, especially after a few times of "Juggernaut" all in a row, hah hah. The show itself was great - we closed with "Juggernaut", the first time we have played this damned song in almost four years! It almost felt better playing it than EVER before... in fact, the four of us were all quite exhilirated afterwards. Our friend Luke joined us for the day. Luke, aka DJ Scraps, used to roadie for us and sell merchandise for us on tours. Today he was certified as handheld video camera operator, taping the mosh-pits and such. A couple of our friends from the Dillinger Escape Plan were lurking around - in fact, Ben still owes me and Adam a guitar lesson. Instead, we spent the time watching Golden Budda perform - the strange heavy jam band that is always making noise of some sort in the fairgrounds - and talking about John MacLaughlin. Wait, was that Incubus playing "Number Of The Beast" but changing the lyrics to "Neighbor Of The Beast"? Whaa..?? It's pretty cool that they throw a chorus of a Shudder To Think song into their set, although virtually no one in the audience probably knows what it is.

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