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.July.27.2003 //
Philly is a very meaningful place to us. I can remember releasing "Until Your Heart Stops" and for some of the first shows outside of the Boston area we were playing, Philly was really receptive to us and what we were doing. Stalag 13 was this small squat run by some punk kids in a really poor area of the city who put on shows basically to make some dough to meet their living needs. But because of the rent free space, they were also really instrumental in putting on benefit shows for all different types of causes and such. The shows themselves were always packed to the end of the room, full of sweat, heat, and for the most part with an overwhelming sense of friendly comraderie. We played a benefit show at Stalag 13 for Adam Doll, the first bassist in The Dillinger Escape Plan who sustained some permanant injuries from a serious car accident about five years ago. The show attracted about five or six hundred kids, with less than half of those kids being able to actually get inside the room and watch the bands play. The last time we played Stalag 13 was during our first U.S. tour supporting the "Jupiter" album on New Year's Eve in 2000. Whether if it's at the Trocadero or some small punk club, we will always look forward to our visits in Philly for as long as we remain a band. Today is supposed to be the last day for us on the Lollapalooza tour, and we are a bit sad to leave. Rumor has it that we've been offered more dates, but as of this writing, that is yet to be certain...

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