.entry.June.2002 //

.June.26.2002 //
What a productive 2 weeks... three of us are really, really good at Grand Theft Auto III and I have an Atari 2600 to keep me entertained. The hand-eye coordination has really gone up a notch, you could say.

Otherwise, I bide my time reading a really in-depth book about Pink Floyd that our producer Rich Costey brought into the studio. We've just begun to experiment with the possibility of changing drum sounds for different parts of songs, which is something we haven't done in the past. Basically we had the drums in a very small part of the live room for a while, which lets the drums still feel somewhat roomy but very tight at the same time. We just recently placed them directly into the big room, which makes J.R. sound like he's playing in the Grand Canyon. "Seafrost" and "Lost In The Air" will both, in their entirety, get this treatment... but perhaps only the verse parts to "Breath Of Water" and "Woodwork" will be switched over to the big room sound.

Rich really tried to coax us into writing another "Until Your Heart Stops-esque" song, so for the hell of it me, Caleb, and J.R. tried jamming on something during a lunch break one day last week. I racked my brain for any left-over, unused parts for a heavy metal song I may have had floating around, but everyone lost interest in that pretty quickly.

   - Stephen

.June.26.2002 //
It has been a fun and productive three weeks - Rich has definitely helped in making our songs better. He suggests the simplest things that make such a big difference in the feel or arrangement of the song. After playing some of the songs we have had for so long its hard to think that there are any ways we could improve them. It definitely helps having that new fifth person whom is non biased offering suggestions. I think because he is originally from Vermont we have some sort of New England connection that has allowed us to work so well together.

The studio is INCREDIBLE! Its like the size of a basketball court! We have never seen anything like this before. The Beach Boys recorded "Pet Sounds" here which makes me excited. We are not exactly in the same room but its across the hall. I checked out that particular room the first day we came here. You would never think such a massive sounding record was recorded in such a small room. Its like the size of my bedroom.

LA is treating us much better than last time we were here in October. Everyone is in good spirits and are excited to finally be recording. We don't really know anyone here so we find ourselves bored a lot but we are trying to make the most of our time. It's Tuesday the 26th of June and JR will be finished his tracks today. He sounds like a monster!!! I think our record is going to sound great.

'Till next time . . .

   - Adam