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.August.06.2002 //
It's been pretty low-key here. It's not humanly possible for me to sing any longer than about 2 hours a day - after that, I begin to breathe sandpaper. The vocals are coming slowly but surely. I have sang on all but two songs so far. Today was a revelation for me because we brought Ron - my vocal coach - into the studio for a few hours and he flipped my lungs upside down! We re-tracked almost all of the harder stuff, most of it being parts of songs right at the breaking point of my range. Ron also entertained us by telling stories of his encounters with Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury. Oh, I have been listening to "Sheer Heart Attack" almost everyday to and from the studio. Wally was kind enough to buy a copy of the album for me. The guitar solo in "Brighton Rock" is right up there with the guitar solo in Faith No More's "Epic" - possibly the greatest guitar solo EVER.

The Cancer Conspiracy played at Spaceland last night and their performance was astoundingly good. It was nice to see a Los Angeles crowd so responsive - I forget that some people in this god-awful city actually might have good taste. Last week Piebald also put on a fabulous show at the Troubador. The familiar faces were a nice change of scenery from all the palm trees and silicone implants.

   - Stephen