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.October.19.2002 //
Three of us are back in Los Angeles, working on recalls for the mixes. After two months of playing almost every night, you would be correct to assume that I have heard just about enough of Cave In for the time being. And after hearing the stories floating around about us and our recording experience with this album, I must congradulate some of you for having such vivid imaginations.

Let's see, the best ones so far have been the "Tides Of Tomorrow" EP being a bunch of songs RCA didn't think were good enough to be on our album... or that we didn't even write any of the songs on our album and instead hired "outside song-writers" (sure, we've been spending the time in our rehearsal space for the past year huffing paint and circle-jerking each other for hours instead - you assholes)... or that we were forced to record our album multiple times until it met RCA standards. A few of our friends have joked that we should play along and go even further with these rumors, but some of you have taken the initiative to do that on your own anyway. Please don't believe everything you read or hear - well, at least give it a try, since you might actually enjoy thinking for yourself for once!

Anyway, there is no doubt that the mixes are sounding a billion times better this time around. We've been using the At The Gates "Slaughter Of The Soul" album as our quality reference point! As of this writing "Rubber And Glue", "Anchor", "Inspire", and "Youth Overrided" have been revamped into mighty sonic bursts of rock fury for your soon-to-be listening pleasure. The final mixes are set to be mastered at the very end of this month, and the album is still slated for a late-February 2003 release. Can't promise that there will be any need to post more entries in this section of our web site, so I'd advise you to use your time putting the finishing touches on your Halloween costume instead.


   - Stephen