.Letter.of.the.Month / 12.2003 //

.December.2003 //
To whom it may concern:
Hi! I have a roommate who absolutely loves your band!!! She has no idea that I'm writing this (and if she did, well, let's just say she threatened to kill me)...anyway, she believes she has a spiritual connection with your lead singer--is it stephen someone??? i'm sorry i'm not familiar with your band...moving on, my roomie has had several incidences where she has run into stephen--the odds of stephen remembering this are probably EXTREMELY slim, however since she feels she has a metaphysical bond with him, perhaps he does. One time stephen handed "said roommate" his guitar and then she returned it to him after the show. Another time, "said roommate" ran into him at a burrito joint in Cleveland. It is my understanding that you reside in Boston--I tried persuading her to visit you guys so she could become better acquainted. If you have any clue as to what I'm talking about, then great! please e-mail me back so I can inform her that maybe Stephen feels the same way! She's really great and is currently available;) (she's really cute too) I just think this would be a splendid xmas present and I'm really fucked up on drugs right now! HAVE A WONDERFUL LIFE if I never hear from you...tata:P