.Letter.of.the.Month / 12.2003 //

.December.2003 //
You guys have been letting me down lately. Finally you do some club tours and texas is not on the list for shows. If you guys came to texas, you would be treated so good. I for one am Black, so you would get good soul cooking from my mother. Also i have a turning Point tattoo. And i am planing on getting a CAVE IN tattoo. YOu may not think it, but CAVE IN is amazing, From Beyound HYPO. TO Atenna. EVerything has been gold. Jupiter is beyond amazing and with out until your heart stops, there would not be any of this converge, CAVE in ripp off metal. So next time your TOur manager is planning out a tour keep in mine Houston texas, San Antonio texas. YOu guys can stay at my big suburb's house and we can play ping pong. Thanks YOu