.Letter.of.the.Month / 01.2004 //

.January.2004 //
Subject: a dream of CAVE IN....

And so the movement is complete. I have left the familiar sights, sounds and smells of England (none of them particularly worth missing) for the altogether more agreeable surroundings of Saga-ken in Southern Japan. Yet since my arrival there has been something bothering me, and I think I finally figured out what the hell it is. It hit me as I starred out at my some of my students (for I am an English teacher) playing baseball in the falling snow: Not one of them has a fucking clue who Cave In are!!!! This WAS a problem in my town in England, being as it is middle-class-boy-racer-townie-scum-ville, but through my endlessly playing of your back catalogue in the video shop where I worked, the masses were becoming educated. So I have this idea. As I watch these poor, freezing kids turn blue from the cold, I suddenly see giant sets of amps growing up around them. They tower above the mountains that back our school. A stage soon joins them, along with all manner of cool lights and lasers and shit. And then finally the mightiness of Cave In take the stage and launch into Inspire. As the chorus hits its mightiest peak, the snow is evaporated and the dust is blown out of this Japanese countryside city. Ha ha!!! That would be so fucking cool! Anyway, enough bothering you with my ramblings. I have to run and teach some little kids how to write their names in English!!! Ja ne! Oh yeah, and if you EVER tour out here, please come to Fukuoka. Keep up the good work.