.Letter.of.the.Month / 03.2004 //

.March.2004 //
hi friends..my all time fauvorite band!!!! i' italian and in my (fucked) country only few people listen alternative rock... Here dominates the disco music and pop (shit shit)...but i'm a Fucked rocker!!!!!!!!!

Stephen at the 27\10\03 show in milan (suppurting muse) gave me the setlist of the show after he has heard my screaming words...: "Hey steph,can you give me the setlist of the show, pleaseeeeee You're my faouvorite band..."

Do you remeber stephen?
please answer me!!!!!!

I've buy "loveless" by my bloody valentine after i have read on a magazine that is 1 of the fauvorite stephen'albums!!!! ))

i'm waiting x an answer....my #1 rocker!
you know who I am!!!!