.Letter.of.the.Month / 04.2004 //

.April.2004 //
ok. i have read through the FAQS and everything, and i know that it said there was no tabbing your music, but i do have one question. I am trying to figure out my next tattoo, which will be a music staff on my calf. all i need now is the music, and the only music i've wanted was "youth overrided". if there is ANY ANY possibility that someone could help me with the music, (all i would need is the tabs/notes/whatever for the chorus of the song..) it would be more than greatly appreciated. if not, i guess im going to have to find a different thing for my tattoo. on any other circumstances, i would just try to find someone to tab the music out for me, but because this is going to be on my body forever, and i want to be very proud of it, i would like to know that what im getting tattooed on me, is in fact, accurate. ok, thats all, thanks.