.Letter.of.the.Month / 05.2004 //

.April.2004 //
Dearest Cave In,

I think your lyics kind of suck so i wrote some for you and you need to write music for them. The tentative title is "zombie rapist".

most people are afraid of zombies
they shriek and cringe and gasp
but when i see zombies i pitch a tent
and fuck them in the ass

zombie cunts all rotten
crawling with worms and maggots
give me raging boners the way
james dean does it for faggots

cause i'm a zombie rapist
you might scorn and scoff
i'm a zombie rapist
i gave a zombie a reach-around and pulled the damn thing right off

when raping zombies you must use caution
because it has been said
that they can carry STDs
so be safe and skull-fuck instead

you probably think that this is gross
and none of your concern
but i'd let a zombie eat my brain
if i could eat its ass in return

cause i'm a zombie rapist
you might think i'm fucked up in the head
i'm a zombie rapist
but you have lived til you've raped the undead