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.September.15.2000 //
A feature article on Cave In will appear in a future issue of Punk Planet magazine. Look for other articles and write-ups in the following publications: Stereo-Type, Thrasher, Status, Alarm, M.A.G., Exclaim! (Toronto), Magnet, Alternative Press, Lumberjack Distribution catalog/zine, and High Times (hah hah just kidding).

There's been people asking us if we plan on releasing our version of Led Zeppelin's "Dazed and Confused". A studio version has never been recorded, and we have no immediate plans to do so, though it has been a fun little number to play out live.

The vinyl for Stephen Brodsky's "Expose Your Overdubs" is about to be released. You can check out www.grimsey.com for more information. There is also a limited edition CD with 7 new songs tentatively titled "Exposed Overdubs" to be released by the Magic Bullet Record Company later this winter. Stephen will be appearing solo at CMJ as part of a Grimsey Records showcase, and the exact date will be posted soon.

.September.15.2000 //
People have asked us every night of tour about "Jupiter" or Kid Kilowatt or any of the other various musical entities we're involved with. Here is the place to get the official info on where these projects are. Hopefully we can answer your questions before you ask them so be sure to check this page for up to the minute details.

Cave In would also like to thank the guys in both the Explosion and Grade for being awesome tour comrades in June. More thanks to all who helped out, hung out, rocked out, gave us a place to sleep, and the works!

New Cave In T-shirts from Hydra Head Design Industries are coming soon and will be available via Hydra Head.

The old Cave In web site www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Studio/2548/cavein.html is no longer valid! Well it hasn't been for a while, but with the launch of this site Cave In has a new home on the internet for up-to-date information. Much thanks to Todd Pollack for helping us out with Cave In's early days on the internet.