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.October.27.2000 //
WBCN 104.1 FM will be broadcasting a "live" Cave In recording done at New Alliance Studio in Boston. The recording was done by Andrew Schneider (Barbaro) on Thursday, October 26th. The radio broadcast will be at 10:15 PM on Sunday, October 29th with WBCN DJ Shred as the host. The set list is as follows: Brain Candle, Decay of the Delay, In the Stream of Commerce, Jupiter, Innuendo and Out the Other and Big Riff

To our local followers: A recent advertisement for the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge had "Cave In (acoustic)" billed for 10/26. No one in our camp recalls confirming this show, so we apologize for any confusion!

We've noticed that more than just a few people are selling videos and music of Cave In recorded at last summer's Hellfest in Syracuse, NY. We're not about to assume the role of "Internet-Police" here, but if you're guilty and you're reading this, SEND US A COPY PLEASE!

.October.24.2000 //
A video from Cave In's CMJ show @ Brownie's in NYC on 10/22/00 will be available from www.dcn.com

SACRIFICE POLES CD's have arrived and are available to order! Cave In will have copies for sale at all of our upcoming live shows. Visit www.robodogrecords.com for more information.

.October.05.2000 //
Cave In also made the big screen...sort of. "Plot Fever", a film by Jeff Shepherd of Fitchburg State College, debuted recently at a local film festival to an audience of about 400 people. The film contains music by Fugazi, and bits of about six Cave In songs as well! "Plot Fever" is also to be screened at more film festivals in the next year or so, so keep your eyeballs peeled for it.

Stephen Brodsky will be recording a solo performance for SPIN.com that will be available as a audio file on the site. The recording is to take place on Saturday, October 21st. Go to www.spin.com for more information.

.October.03.2000 //
Cave In will be recording in mid-autumn at New Alliance Studio in Boston for a radio broadcast WBCN 104.1 FM. We will hopefully have a couple brand new songs to debut, and maybe some other surprises, too!

Cave In is featured on a tribute album to the Cure's amazing, highly acclaimed "Disintegration" album. We recorded our own rendition of "Plainsong" back in March 1999, and the compilation (titled "Disintegrated") has been released by Too Damn Hype Records/Chord Magazine.

The Digital Club Network will feature a webcast of Cave In live at Brownie's in NYC from September 3rd, 2000. You can download the webcast at www.dcn.com

An article on Cave In, which included a write-up of Stephen Brodsky's solo show at K Street on September 6th, ran in the Boston Herald newspaper on Friday September 22nd.

The release date for THE SACRIFICE POLES CD is October 28th! Available from Robodog Records, the CD will have 13 tracks of moody lo-fidelity mayhem from the Cave In practice room that documents the writing period for the "Jupiter" album.