.archives.November.2000 //

.November.27.2000 //
The Magic Bullet Record Company will be issuing the Cave In EP "Moons of Jupiter" as the next installment of the label's fan - CD releases. "Moons of Jupiter" will be available as a mailorder-only item from both the Magic Bullet and Hydra Head Records. The band will also have copies of this CD for sale on the road in January (tour intinerary). This EP will contain 4 previously unreleased tracks: a remixed version of "Jupiter" by Brian McTernan at Salad Days in Washington, D.C. and 4-track piano versions of the songs "Big Riff", "Innuendo And Out the Other", and "New Moon"

.November.24.2000 //
Dates have been posted for our January 2001 US Tour. Although the details are still coming together you can check the tour dates to see when Jupiter hits your area.

.November.18.2000 //
Graphics for the "Jupiter" vinyl have been OK'd and we should have a batch to sell on our January US tour. And holy shit! Does it get any better than the new Neurosis EP? They saved the best for last, we here in the Cave In camp are astounded by this record!

.November.16.2000 //
The European version of the "Jupiter" LP is complete and will be available through Chrome Saint Magnus starting December 14th. 125 copies have been pressed on orange vinyl. The rest - black.

.November.12.2000 //
Robodog Records, shortly after issuing the Sacrifice Poles on CD, will release a limited vinyl version sometime in early 2001. The vinyl version will contain music not available on the CD version, and may also come with a bonus 7" too. Oh boy!

Cave In wants to take some of your precious time to tell you of our love for the Cancer Conspiracy! A fairly new band from Burlington, VT, we first heard these guys about 1 year ago and they rocked our teeth into the back of our throats. They have released a 3 song song demo CD, and have just recorded a half-hour long epic titled "The Audio Medium" that re-affirms how damn good they really are. It's always a blessing to play together with these folks, and do yourself a favor and culture your ears with their rock!

.November.03.2000 //
This is for you, and you only: Without warning, Hydra Head will issue a limited Cave In CD sometime in the coming months. Titled "Suburban Hell", the CD will have 4-track demo versions of songs from all 3 Cave In albums ("Beyond...", "Until...", and "Jupiter") and a couple non-album segments unavailable anywhere else.

.November.01.2000 //
The fine folks at Conspiracy will be offering the CD format for "Jupiter" while our friends at Chrome Saint Magnus will make the 12" vinyl format available to you. The first run of CD's is said to be at 3,000 and the first run of vinyl is said to be at 1,000. Both formats will have nice new visual additions to distinguish the European release from the American.

Though it may be somewhat old news by now, the European release of "Until Your Heart Stops" is still available from Relapse Records Europe. This CD-only release features brand new artwork and photgraphy by J Hellmann, and also contains the "Creative Eclipses" EP as bonus tracks (minus the track "Sonata Brodsky")