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.March.30.2001 //
Cave In will be in God City Studio at the end of May to record some new songs, along with a possible cover of a Giants Chair song! We have somewhat an idea of what we're going to do with these new jams, but we're not gonna tell you yet...

We've been getting quite a few inquiries as to when we plan on touring Europe ... our tentative plan is to do an extensive tour overseas sometime in the autumn of 2001.

As for touring in general, our plan is to play both east coast & west coast dates in late summer/early autumn. And after a European tour in the fall, we hope to have beaten a slew of new songs to death enough to record them for a new album sometime in winter 2001/2002. All this usually ends up changing at the very last minute anyway, but we like to surprise ourselves as much as we like keeping you in suspense!

Cave In were recently photographed at their rehersal space for a feature in the April issue of Boston free-mag The Noise. Go to this link to see some of the shots: http://bostonrockproject.com/cavein_noise_preview/

The new issue of "Hit It Or Quit It" fanzine will feature an interview with Stephen Brodsky done by Eric of Rumpshaker magazine & Patrick of Change magazine.

Iodine Recordings has copies of the "Ghost In the Gears" CD compilation for sale. This compilation has been in the making for almost 4 years. Go to www.iodinerecordings.com for more information.