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We're not 100% sure, but one of Stephen's favorites was last seen at the July 1st in Boston at the Karma Club. It's a late 70's Gibson Merauder, a burgundy colored body, a white pickguard and a natural wood-finish neck with a bullet-shaped headstock like that of a Flying V. Similar to the look of a Les Paul Junior, it's a unique looking guitar and it should be easy to spot. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of this fine instrument, PLEASE contact us! Rewards will be given generously to the person(s) responsible for its return.

Special thanks to eveyone who came out to see us play on July 7th at the Bull Moose Records store in Salem, NH. It was easily one of our favorite shows that we've played in a long while, and for being all ages and free of charge, how could it have gone wrong?!

Stephen Brodsky's "Olé Sunday" CD/LP has just been mastered, and its scheduled release is for sometime in the fall of 2001. Both the CD & LP will contain 10 songs, the CD is being released by Magic Bullet and the LP will be a picture disk on Dopamine/Grimsey Records.

The New Idea Society has begun occasionally hibernating in the depths of New Idea Studio in MA to work on a full-length record. As of this posting, 2 songs are complete and for the rest of 2001 another assload will follow.