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.January.15.2003 //
Hi, we're on tour. We're a long way from home. It's very cold. We have brought thermals and gloves and knit hats and scarves and more thermals. We have not performed live since before the Thanksgiving holiday, either. So overlook our rustiness with the fact that we're extremely happy to be playing out again - this time in reasonably sized venues as opposed to the EnormoDome for two weeks straight (don't get us wrong - THAT was a blast). We're also visiting a few new places, so peek out your curious heads and say 'hello'. We like welcoming gifts of all kinds, so use your pretty little imaginations.

.January.15.2003 //
The planned release date for 'Antenna' is March 17, 2003. We're still working on releasing the vinyl at least a week or two earlier than the official release date, courtesy of the almighty Hydra Head Records. Should we also do something special in Boston to celebrate the release of the album? Yes, we should. So we will. Of course, you can trust us to post info regarding that as soon as we have something planned. And for our beloved Japanese fans, we have given you 'Devil's Head Piñata' as an additional bonus track on your version of the album.

.January.15.2003 //
We spent a few days in Los Angeles working with Dean Karr and a great crew of people making a music video for the song 'Anchor', the first single from 'Antenna'. The general concept of the video is divided into two parts: a conceptual story and also a performance by the band (us!). The conceptual story is based around a character wakes up one day with two giant slabs of concrete mysteriously covering his feet. The rest of this part of the video is devoted to basically magnifying the burden of this character going through his daily routine with two heavy blocks on his feet. The part of the main character was played by Richard Edson, which is a complete honor due to the fact that he was also in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' and countless other films as well. Watch for the flying chicken, too. The performance part of the video was shot on a set designed with a forced-perspective angle complete with an array of cables, wall-sockets, orb-shaped lights, burgundy-colored walls and a nice shiny black floor that kept us constantly wiping our feet before we were allowed to walk on it. All in all it was a great pleasure to work with Dean Karr, who is a true artist in all of the most essential ways. The final edit of the video is due in the middle of January, and will be seen on television as soon as the beginning of February.

.January.15.2003 //
There have been some changes made as to what additional material will be appearing on the soon-to-be-released 'Anchor' singles. CD#1 will contain live versions of the songs 'Lift-Off' and 'Stained Silver', both taken from last summer's performace at the Monarch in London. CD#2 will contain the songs 'Devil's Head Piñata' and 'Harmless, Armless', both recorded in May 2001. It's also possible that a 'Anchor'/'Harmless, Armless' vinyl version of the single will be issued at some point as well.

.January.15.2003 //
If you have been reading the 'Recording Diaries' section of this site, you'll notice that we have been doing anything but relaxing on what little vacation time we had over the holidays. As a side note, we plan on using this section of the site to post up more in-depth information about our studio (and possibly home) recording experiences because the nerd inside of us just loves to do it - and hopefully the nerd in you enjoys reading it. Anyway, we sporadically worked with Andrew Schneider once again ('Tides Of Tomorrow') at New Alliance in Boston over the course of about 6 or 7 days to produce the following results: a very live and loose version of 'Dazed And Confused' by Led Zeppelin (duh), 'Day Trader' (initially abandoned during the 'Antenna' recording session), 'Droned' (a new rawk song, quick and to the pointless, written while we were home), 'Down The Drain' (us blowing kisses at Kevin Shields), 'Cave-In' (originally written by the now-defunct Codeine, it's a homage to the band responsible for the very name of our own band), and 'Acid Rain In The Black Forest' (a psychedelic samba from the planet MPS). Don't ask us what the hell we plan on doing with all of this stuff - most of it will appear over time in one shape or form.

.January.15.2003 //
The next issue of the magazine ROCK SOUND will feature an article on Cave In. The mag also comes with a CD sampler containing the song 'Inspire' from the 'Antenna' album.

.January.15.2003 //
RCA Records has issued a new CD sampler featuring songs from the label's upcoming releases for 2003. The CD contains the song 'Anchor' from the 'Antenna' album. The label also manufactured a very small pressing of Cave In CD samplers, mainly to be distributed throughout its RCA/BMG offices worldwide. Simply titled 'Discography 1998-2003', the CD comes in a blue slip-case designed by Aaron Turner and has a small selection of songs from 'Beyond Hypothermia' up until 'Antenna'.

.January.15.2003 //
Maybe we told you about this already, but maybe not... we had the honor of doing a brief recording session at the BBC Radio Station in London last November. We very well could have been using the same mics that the Who, the Stones, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, and countless others have used in the past. Quite surreal, very cool. It was completely live, no overdubs, all in the same room. The songs we did were 'Anchor', 'Joy Opposites', and 'Dark Driving'. In the same week, we also visited the XFM Radio Station in London to record the following tunes: 'Inspire', 'Dark Driving', 'Come Into Your Own', 'Breath Of Water', and 'Joy Opposites'. Again, this was all live with no overdubs, and a bit more raw in comparison to the BBC session.

.January.10.2003 //
So here it is: Only a few more weeks until "Antenna" hits the stores. "Antenna" arrives on March 18th, 2003 ( for those of you in the US ). We will have a complete track listing, artwork and possibly an MP3 or two before then. In the meantime we will be putting efforts into an all new website - as if there wasn't enough going on already.

We went to Los Angeles for a few days this week to shoot a video for the song "Anchor." The video was directed by Dean Karr whose name you may recognize from his work with Queens of the Stone Age, Marilyn Manson, Dave Matthews Band, Hatebreed . . . When work is done for the video we'll have a clip of that posted here.