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.February.28.2003 //
Cave In will be making several in-store appearances to coincide with the release of their RCA debut "Antenna." Some of the New England area record shops include the following:
Monday, March 17th, Salem, NH
11pm @ Bull Moose Music
356-366 South Broadway
(603) 898-6254

Tuesday, March 18th, Fords, NJ
7pm @ Vintage Vinyl
51 Lafayette Rd.
(732) 225-7717

Thursday, March 20th, West Babylon, NY
7pm @ Looney Tunes
31 Brookvale Ave.
(631) 587-7722

Saturday, March 21st, Wilkes-Barre, PA
4pm @ Gallery of Sound
Provincial Tower
24 South Main St.
(570) 826-6898

.February.27.2003 //
My my, our second full European tour has ended and we have arrived home safe and sound to the bitter chill of snowy Boston. Seriously, the current temperatures here make the most northern parts of Scandinavia seem like a sauna. A big ol' thankTHANKyouYOU to Pete, Mole ("Good work, fellah!"), Alex Guessard ("Gaffer Tape!"), Dureforsog ("My brain is out for breakfast"), Oceansize, the bands who played with us, Robbie Brookside, Dave Good, Benny, everyone at Matt Snowball, everyone we met from BMG, everyone who helped out with the tour in some way or another, and everyone from all over Europe who showed their beautiful faces at our shows.

.February.27.2003 //
We will be slugging at it once again across the United States beginning in Boston on March 23rd and ending in Los Angeles weeks afterward. It is also time to momentarily relive the year 1997 just a tad bit - because we are once again hitting the road with our old mates in Piebald. Both Cave In and Piebald did a 2 week stint up and down the east coast back when "Beyond Hypothermia" was still a scattered bunch of 7"s and split 7"s, and Piebald could be found behind the wheel of their beloved Melvin school bus (R.I.P.). Further information regarding dates and venues will be posted in the tour section as soon as we get it, so until then just tell your friends.

.February.27.2003 //
A very small pressing of 12" vinyl featuring our version of Led Zeppelin's "Dazed And Confused" and an early version of "Breath Of Water" will be made in time for the release of "Antenna". For now, this will be made available only to those in attendance at our upcoming live performaces in the U.S. supporting the album.

.February.11.2003 //
Due to a small outbreak of the Ebola virus in the bus, we had to abruptly cancel our recent shoz in Paris. Nothing fatal, we can assure you, and the rest of the tour should be fine. The Paris show has been rescheduled for February 23rd at the same venue. Pre-sold tickets for the cancelled show can either be refunded or used for entry into the rescheduled date. We apologize profusely for any inconveniece!

.February.11.2003 //
The first 20,000 or so CD copies of the "Antenna" album, due for release on March 17th, will contain a DVD. The ANTENNAVISED DVD will contain short documentaries based around our tour in England during Reading Festival 2002. There will be live footage taken from the London show at the Monarch in late August of 2002, and a slew of hand-held footage taken from the past three years set to a couple songs from the album. And perhaps a guest appearance by Fabio himself...

.February.11.2003 //
Sunday, February 23rd
Doors at 7:30 PM
Call RADICAL for information: +33(0) 241 881 982
Tickets for the cancelled February 6th show WILL be valid.
Hope to see you there!