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.June.26.2003 //
The song "Inspire" from the "Antenna" album will be released as a single in August 2003. The single will be released worldwide through BMG and will also contain previously unreleased bonus material. There is no definite word on who's releasing the vinyl for the single or when the vinyl will be made available.

.June.26.2003 //
Cave In will be appearing at the ever-exciting Krazy Fest once again. Krazy Fest is a 3 day music festival held in Louisville, KY... last time we played the festival was in the spring/summer of 2003, shortly before the release of the "Jupiter" album. In fact, we even made sampler CD's from 3 songs off the album to hand out and sell at the show... and even 2 years prior to that, Aaron Turner himself had brought a giant amount of Hydra Head/Hydra Head-related merchandise to sell at the 1998 Krazy Fest, including about 100 or so advance-cassette copies of the "Until Your Heart Stops" album. A brief history lesson for anyone who cares! Anyways, we are playing the August 3rd date of the festival this year... and we hope to surprise a select few of you out there with at least a couple songs we haven't played in a LONG time...

.June.26.2003 //
Yes, yes, yes... we want to extend our gratitude to all those who came to the Carson Daly taping in NYC on June 16th. We were a bit disappointed to see you all being ushered out the door so quickly after the show was done... if we appeared a bit remote or out of it in some way or another, please note that we were still jet-lagged because our flight from Europe was only a couple days prior and this was, in fact, our first live TV show performance - so you can imagine that our nerves were almost crawling right through each layer of our skin.

.June.18.2003 //
Catch Cave In's performance on Last Call with Carson Daly airing Tuesday, June 24th. Other guests include Frasier's Kelsey Grammer and singer Steven Lynch. Cave In played the songs - "Anchor" & "Inspire".

.June.13.2003 //
The show in New York City at the Bowery Ballroom in June has been post-poned until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we will keep you updated on a rescheduled date as soon as we have one.

.June.13.2003 //
Due to the recent transportation strike in Paris, our show with the Burning Brides that same evening was unfortunately cancelled. It seems as though we have established a little pattern for our Paris appearances: perform, cancel, perform, cancel... Joking aside, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to some of you.

.June.01.2003 //
Cave In will NOT be playing the David Letterman Show on June 16th, as previously posted. Instead, Cave In will be taping for the Carson Daly Show on that same day. If you would like to attend this taping, please go to either the home page or the tour section of this site. The David Letterman Show appearance has been rescheduled for sometime in July - we will post a date for this as soon as we confirm it.

.June.01.2003 //
The Damn Personals have been our touring partners since the middle of March. For those of you not familiar with their band, they are based in Boston and play a very honest straight-up style of rock music much akin to any of your favorite classic rock albums countlessly being cited as important influences to your favorite modern rock bands. Did that just make sense? Anyway, they have a couple albums available on Big Wheel Recreation for your thirsty ears to check out, the most recent one being "Standing Still In The USA". Also, a belated thank you-thank you to the Piebald fellows for also being lovely company during most of our most recent US tour. They might have just gotten home from slaying the ears of some lucky Europeans. And again, another belated thanks to the Foo Fighters and their crew, as well as the Transplants and their crew for a stellar time on tour.

.June.01.2003 //
We mean it. We really do. We pinky-promise that every email sent to us has at least been read and pondered over for a brief moment. A few people have expressed some dismay at the fact that we have not responded quickly enough. Please understand that we have been on tour since the beginning of March, and that our schedule is usually quite time consuming. We have everything saved and waiting to be replied to, and no one's emails have slithered into the void or have been accidentally lost or erased. Also consider that either you asked us a question that could be answered elsewhere on our web site, or your email was just so ridiculously stupid that it did not deserve to be dignified with a response of any kind. That might sound harsh, but you know who you are. At any rate, keep em' coming - it helps us not feel so lonely while we're out travelling the bland highways of the world.

.June.01.2003 //
Yes yes yes, these bad boys are quite limited and fashion the old school RCA record sleeves, color scheme, logo and all. We cannot say how many were made or exactly how to get ahold of one for yourself because... well, we just don't know. Actually there is one way we are certain of, if you keep reading...

.June.01.2003 //
This is not a joke. For anyone who has lived in a closet for the past 20 years, Bruce Dickinson is the singer of the English heavy metal monster legends Iron Maiden. He also has his own radio show. His interview with Cave In will air sometime in June, and listeners will have a chance to win autographed copies of 'Antenna' and limited edition 'Anchor 7"' singles (see above).

.June.01.2003 //
Yes, we are asking this question to you all - avid web site readers, occasional web site readers, first-time web site readers... WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE FEATURED ON OUR WEB SITE? This web site is from us to you - it is essentially yours! Ideas, suggestions, things you like, things you do not like... do you want photos of us pooing into plastic bags? Do want access to MP3's of us doing drunken jams in our rehearsal space at 3 in the morning? Do you want the very type you are reading right now to appear in a psychedelic-color swirl pattern that hypnotizes you into cooking your own house pets for dinner? Please write to cavein@cavein.net with your commentary.