.archives.July.2003 //
.July.29.2003 //
The vinyl single for "Inspire" will be issued by Magic Bullet, the same folks who issued the "Anchor" 7" records. The record - a 45 rpm 12" LP - will feature a brand new song titled "Droned" and also a previously unreleased early version of "Breath Of Water". The record will most likely be available in the early autumn of this year.

.July.29.2003 //
We've been receiving some emails from people regarding their free Cave In CD's sent to them through the mail. Apparently some writing was being put on the wrong side of the disc, thus making it difficult or impossible to play in a CD machine. Try applying a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the CD and lightly wiping it down with a cotton ball. This should get rid of the writing without damaging the disc. If your CD is still defective after trying this, please let us know and we'll do our best to replace it with another one.

.July.23.2003 //
Old Man Gloom will be playing some dates on the exciting "Champions of Sound" Tour being put on by the fine folks at Hydra Head and Tortuga Recordings. Other bands on this tour include Scissorfight, Pelican, Harkonen, The Austerity Program and more! For a listing of those dates, go to the tour section.

.July.18.2003 //
Troy Van Leeuwen graced us with his prescence on-stage at the Lollapalooza show in Colombus, OH to assist in performing the Failure song "Magnified". Troy played guitar in Failure - the band we've not-so-secretly ripped off for years and years. He now plays guitar in Queens Of The Stone Age - the band many others will soon be not-so-secretly ripping off. Will more Troy/Cave In combinations take place on the tour? Stranger things have happened. And get this - Kellii Scott, who played drums in Failure, is playing drums in a band called the Campfire Girls, who share the second stage with us. Could we somehow manage to get both Troy and Kellii on-stage with us at some point? Holy farts!

.July.18.2003 //
Or maybe it has been here for some time now, and we just didn't know it. Seriously, it appears as though Hydra Head is stocked up with these things, ready to be bought, swapped, sold, scratched and/or thrown like frisbees. It's two LP's, gatefold, with alternate artwork both on the front cover and on the inside of the gatefold. Go to www.hydrahead.com for more information on obtaining a copy to satisfy your undying thirst for the record collector in you.