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.December.18.2003 //
Adam and Stephen will be performing stripped down versions of a couple songs live on WFNX 101.7 FM at 7pm on Thursday, December 18th. WFNX is helping to promote the shows on December 20th & 21st. Aaron and Travis from Piebald will also be in the studio, performing stripped down versions of their own songs as well. And you know, we oftentimes screw up a time or even a date here, so tune in to the station at around 6 o'clock anyway to be on the safe side.

.December.18.2003 //
For those of you who are interested or curious: The final master for the Kid Kilowatt CD version, due out on Hydra Head Records with a definite release date sometime in March 2004, has been made, approved, and sent off to the manufacturing plant. (ok, stop and re-read that last sentence . . . it said March 2004 - wm) The CD version will have 3 additional songs not available on the LP format of the album (currently available from Second Nature Recordings).

.December.10.2003 //
Watch a video of Adam talking about why he enjoys not eating animals on the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) web site. The address is www.peta2.org.

.December.09.2003 //
A second date to the Andover Town Hall show has been added for a matinee on Sunday, December 21st. The door times for both shows have not been solidified, but we do know that Saturday the 20th will be an evening show and Sunday the 21st will begin sometime around 3pm. Local radio station WFNX 101.7 FM will be broadcasting advertisements for the show. Other bands scheduled to play are Apollo Sunshine and The Mercy Jar.

.December.03.2003 //
Yes, our supply has been officially depleted. Done. Dry. Spent. Cah-put. We apologize to the people who have been signed up to our emailing list for quite some time who did not receive a disc. We do not always run a tight ship on our end of things, and we promise to try and do better next time around for when something like this happens again. Please do not try and bid mucho dinero for one on eBay or something - they were meant to be copied, burned, ripped, and passed around to the people who may want to hear the music. If you want to find the tunes, try visiting to one of those popular music downloading sites. We do not plan on having any of these songs resurface on any other future releases, so do your best to find them elsewhere. Anyway, thanks to all the folks who inquired about receiving a CD and also to Andrew Schneider for helping to make the actual recordings on the free disc happen. If you want to read more about this CD, go here.

.December.01.2003 //
November 30th, 2003
Stephen and Adam performing live @ The Middle East upstairs on November 30th, 2003.

Photo by Tom Leahy.

.December.01.2003 //
The music web site ZaoGhost - www.zaoghost.com - is currently featuring video clips and photographs from a recent performance at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, AZ in October. See video clips of the following songs: "Moral Eclipse", "Juggernaut", "Halo Of Flies", "Jupiter", and "Dazed And Confused". We're not sure how long these video clips and photos will be featured on the site, so check them out now if you can.