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.January.29.2004 //
We are happy to announce the addition of some new features in this site:
  • An ONLINE STORE provided by MerchDirect where you can purchase everything from Cave In and Cave In-related CD's to Cave In protective earplugs...
  • A MESSAGE BOARD where you can communicate with other people about all things Cave In, whether it's something completely trivial or a matter of grave importance...
  • An EXTRAS section, with the new LETTERS OF THE MONTH feature where you can read some of our favorite fan-emails that have been sent to us in recent time.

.January.20.2004 //
We stopped by the Camp Street Studio (the new home of Paul Kolderie & Sean Slade, who worked on the "Lift Off"/"Lost In The Air" single) to hear the work-in-progress of the new Piebald recording. They were putting some backing vocals on a piano-based song with an ending refrain that went "Put your slippers on instead and live forever..." A small choir was quickly assembled and we got to sing a little bit. We don't know the name of the song, but they later told us that they had kept everything from the session so perhaps our voices will be on there somewhere.

.January.20.2004 //
As we stated earlier, we have stopped giving these CD's away. Even if you had signed up on our emailing list months and months ago, and you still haven't received one, chances are that you will not receive one now. Some people have continued to write or email us about it, so that is why we are once again stating this information here...

.January.20.2004 //
We have been working hard at writing new tunes, and we're happy to inform you that we have a total of seven brand new songs, as of this posting. For less than a month's time back at work in our rehearsal space, this is a record feat for us. The new stuff is sounding really good and a bit different. So far, we have made some raw 4-track recordings of the stuff and we hope to "properly" demo them sometime next month in a studio, if time and money permits.

.January.12.2004 //
We have a new feature in the EXTRAS section: LETTERS OF THE MONTH. Basically we give you a glimpse at some of our favorite letters from fans who were motivated to write us for one reason or another. Go here to see the first installment.

.January.09.2004 //
Cave In now has an online store. To start there are a few items up now with more on the way. Go here to check it out.

.January.06.2004 //
Thanks to all who joined us for the X-Mas party shows on December 20th & 21st. For those of you who went, you may have noticed that we liquidated the hell out of our merchandise, selling everything for basically $5 an item. It was a combination of that "giving spirit" along with the fact that we had a lot of stuff left over from this year's time on the road. Thanks to Piebald and to everyone involved in helping to make the shows happen.

People have still been writing us, asking when we plan on coming around again to play their town, but we have no plans to step into a touring vehicle for quite some time. In fact, we do not intend to tour again until after we have completed a new record. We have already begun to assemble some new songs and they are, well... a bit different. Not different as in alt-country ragtime hip-hop or something equally as menacing, but certainly a newer approach for us. We can assure you that it does feel enlightening to begin working on fresh material, and that our spirit for creation is still in tact. We'll attempt to guide you through the makings of our next album here without spoiling too much of the surprises...

So even though we'll have no news to give you in terms of Cave In performances, keep coming by here from time to time to check out possible show dates for our various side projects and such. Stay tuned for more added MP3's, a message board, and possible giveaways, too...