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.July.20.2004 //
We haven't had an entire summer off in, what, three years now? When we're not working on our farmer's tans, we keep busy churning out some new tunes, and it seems that the more we write the closer we get to the ideal "vision" for our next album. There are no concrete plans to record it - yet - but that is fine by us right now because we still don't feel quite "there" with it all anyway (but we feel pretty damn close). Many of you have asked us about our situation with RCA, and we wish we could say more about it right now, but it's going to have to wait. But when you read about it HERE, then you know we'll be giving you the truth, and hopefully it won't take longer than the duration of this summer for us to do that.

.July.20.2004 //
Converge have graciously invited us to open for what will be their first major US tour in support of "You Fail Me", their brand new heavy metal mosh-terpiece. And after last Saturday's way-beyond sold-out show (which we hope you somehow made it inside to see), we can't say that we're just a tiny bit excited for it, because that would be a complete lie - no, more accurately, we're just about thrilled for it. It's going to span about 5 to 6 weeks, and from our glimpses at the preliminary routing we'll be covering a lot of places we haven't visited in a long while. By the way, Deathwish is putting together a CD sampler to be made available for the tour, and our demos for "Trepanning" and "Ataraxia" will be featured on the disc. For more information about the tour and Converge's new record, visit www.convergecult.com