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.September.17.2004 //
To cap off our summer, we've spent some time out in Salem, MA at Kurt Ballou's God City studio working on a collaborative recording project between us and the Converge fellows. It's been a much-talked about thing between both camps, and with the exception of one jam session a couple years ago, there hasn't been any action made until now. We don't want to completely spoil the surprise, but we can tell you that so far we have five tunes in the making and they all came together pretty quickly. And they are "tunes" in their own right, as opposed to meandering jams or total self-indulgent wanking. The guys in Piebald joked that it's sort of like the Merrimack Valley's own Temple Of The Dog, and we'll just end it at that. No word on when the project will be completed or who's going to release this thing - but we'll keep you posted.

.September.17.2004 //
Another announcement we'd like to officially make is that we are no longer signed to RCA/BMG. It's a done deal, and we've come out of it feeling very good about our decision and we're excited to see what happens next for us. Million-dollar contracts may be sent directly to us, but we're asking for all the cash up front before we even set our eyes on another legal document hah hah.