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.November.19.2004 //
Here's a pre-X-Mas/Hannakuh bash for you to sweat off the Thanksgiving feast you will have indulged way too much in:
When: December 14th, 2004
Where: The Brickhouse in Dover, NH (2 Orchard St./ Dover, NH 03820)
What time: 8pm doors
Price: six bucks
Who's playing: Adam And Steve, Not Adam And Eve (Stephen and Adam from Cave In), Read Yellow, Fairmont, The Minus Scale, The Human Flight Committee
Who's not playing: The Crash-Test Dummies, Summercamp, Collective Soul, and Candlebox

.November.10.2004 //
Calico Ghost Town is the brainchild of Tracy Wilson (ex-Dahlia Seed), who enlists a small number of accompanying musicians to embellish upon her songs. Over a period of 4 years, Stephen Brodsky and Tracy Wilson have traded cassette tapes of 4-track recordings to collaborate on. The two will work together in the winter of 2004/2005 on some music that will become a portion of the first Calico Ghost Town full-length album. To obtain 4-track demos of this project in MP3 form, visit the Dahlia Seed web site at www.dahliaseed.com.

.November.10.2004 //
Titled "My Favorite Song Writers", this is a compilation disc that features the song "Beautiful Break-Up" by Stephen Brodsky, as well as solo recordings from the following folks: Tim Kasher (Cursive/The Good Life), Jim Ward (Sparta), Ryan Fugerson (No Knife), Hisashi Yoshino (Eastern Youth), Robert Nanna (Braid/Hey Mercedes), Derek Fudesco (Pretty Girls Make Graves), Masafumi Isobe (Husking Bee), Arabella Harrison (The And/Ors), Dan Hargest (Pollen), and Lars Heintz and Pedro Carmona (Sister Sonny). The disc is available now from FiveOne, Inc. For more information, visit www.fiveoneinc.com.

.November.02.2004 //
It is a bit sad for us that this tour had to end, because we really had the most fun on a tour that we've had in what seems like a long while. After not being on the road for a year, it was great to see all our fans coming out for this one - we could feel the excitement in the air at every show. Thanks to Between The Buried And Me for all the sweeping, shredding, ripping, and good laughs, to all the people who designed beautiful flyers and special posters to advertise the shows, to the promoters for their hard work and the hospitality, and of course, to Converge for taking us out on what was a rejuvinating experience for our band. And again, thanks to all our fans who came out to show their support.

.November.02.2004 //
We've been asked numerous times about when the next Cave In album will be released. As great as it is that a good amount of people seem to take an interest in this, we don't presently have the ability to say when it will actually happen. We can tell you this: out of the ten or so tunes we've written since "Antenna", we're still excited about maybe half of them at this point. And since some members of the band now live in different parts of the country, the writing process as we have known it for the past 2 or 3 years is going to change. We don't plan on regrouping together to work on new material until 2005, and as of this writing, there is not even an estimated time frame as to when we'll enter back into a studio to actually record.

.November.02.2004 //
Let's say that you went to see the show, and you ran out of money after buying up all the Converge goodies you wanted, and now you're wishing you had taken an extra ten bucks out of the ATM machine to buy a Cave In T-shirt... or let's say you missed the show altogether (you loser!)... well, MerchDirect will very shortly be carrying a limited quantity of the shirts we were selling. So check in with them in the coming weeks if you need ideas for good Christmas and Hannukah gifts.

.November.02.2004 //
It's looking like both bands may end up back in Salem, MA at God City Studio sometime in December/January to continue work on this monster of an album. Too bad we couldn't have performed some of it live for you all on the tour we just did together!